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Welcome to Bushido - The Way of the Warrior

Bushido is not a guild, it's an experiment that brings together the players of the highest esteem. Skill alone is but one measure of value, only the people with right conduct and attitude shall be asked to join.

The purpose of Bushido

The purpose of Bushido is two fold: First, as a knowledge repository related to EQ2 - DKP systems/hitory, guild progression, guild rules, unposted tips and tricks, etc.  Second, to stay in contact with folks you've met who may be in different guilds.

History of Bushido

Bushido originated from the samurai moral code in feudal Japan. It stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor until death. It is a mix of the violent existence of the samurai, tempered by the wisdom and serenity of Confucianism and Buddhism.

Are you Bushido? The Code

1. Gi: the right decision, taken with equanimity, the right attitude, the truth. When we must die, we must die. Rectitude.

2. Yu: bravery tinged with heroism.

3. Jin: universal love, benevolence toward mankind; compassion.

4. Rei: right action--a most essential quality, courtesy.

5. Makoto: utter sincerity; truthfulness.

ó. Melyo: honor and glory.

7. Chugo: devotion, loyalty.

There is no application process to join the membership of Bushido.  Membership is extended by invitation only.  

If you are asked to join please select "Join Bushido" at the top of the page and and you will be approved as a full member.  This will not effect your current membership status in any other guild on the GuildPortal website.  

Note:  If you have a GuildPortal user name that is different than your in-game name please send me a GuildPortal email and let me know. 

Happy Holidays!

- Vexall
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